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13 July 2019, 09:05

Dr Cat Jarman’s interests run wide! After leaving Repton, she’s now excavating a Viking Age site in the Ukraine. Look for @Chernihiv2018 on Twitter, you’ll also find memorabilia of last year’s dig.

12 July 2019, 15:55

Just published: Archaeology from Space by Sarah Parcak. You’ll know her from the excavations at Point Rosée, Canada, in search of new Viking settlements.

06 July 2019, 21:48

Volunteers at the Ulster Museum are working hard to finish a tapestry that about the Game of Thrones. The gimmick is that is has been embroidered in the style of the Bayeux tapestry. Warning though, not for viewers under 18!

I’ve updated Viking Age Tapestries: 5. Modern Day Tapestries, Embroideries accordingly.

03 July 2019, 13:46

By the way, the newly found Lewis chesspiece (see 3 June below), has been sold at auction for 735.000 British pounds. That’s roughly 800.000 Euros, or 900.000 US dollars. Not quite the million that was suggested, but still a fine profit margin, considering it was bought for 5 GBP. See the article on The Guardian.

A Lewis Chessman (Source: with kind permission by Sotheby’s).

03 July 2019, 11:42

And then via Twitter I found out about the (permanent) exhibition ‘Víkingr’ that just opened at the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo. I couldn’t help but chuckle. What a contrast! Click on this link for images and information. Here is also a review published in Museumsnytt.

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