On This Day In The Viking Age
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16 April


778 – Birth of Louis the Pious

Son of Charlemagne and Hildegard and succeeds his father as Holy Roman Emperor. He deals with the Scandinavians who raid the empire, and is politically involved with Scandinavian kings in neighbouring countries, such as Horik of Denmark.

Further interesting reads: Thomas Noble (1980), Ancient Origins.net.


1117 – Murder of Saint Magnus

Like their fathers Magnus and his nephew Hakon jointly rule over the Orkneys. When they fall out, they agree to a single duel to determine who will become sole jarl. Hakon betrays the agreement and has Magnus killed by his cook with an axe on the head. The saga is corroborated by the discovery of a skull with similar markings in St Magnus’s Cathedral in Kirkwall.

See an article also the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and a long article on his life on Orkneyjar.

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