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22 August


917 – Battle of Mag Femen

This battle took place in Ireland. After the Vikings had been driven out of Dublin at the start of the tenth century, Ragnall and Sitric Cáech of the Uí Ímair (Ivar Dynasty) came with a fleet and started recapturing first Waterford, then Limerick. By that time, the Irish had gathered their forces to meet them. In Leinster they met the high king Niall Glúndub and the Uí Néill. The Irish fled, despite the king making a last attempt, and the victory was for the Hiberno-Norse. Sitric stayed and ruled Dublin, Ragnall went to Northumbria. When Ragnall died in 921, Sitric went to Northumbria and was also proclaimed king there. See more about the battle and Sitric’s life in this video:

Source: YouTube / History Channel

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