IMG_0101Hi, I‘m Ingrid. Way back when, I studied medieval literature. My interest in all things early medieval and Viking Age has lasted ever since.

The key to this website is Jane Smiley’s edition of The Sagas of Icelanders. I can’t tell you how many times that book has switched from my bookshelves to my nightstand and back again. It inspires me to research and write.

Then why bother creating The Viking Archive? Well, this is my online knowledge base that replaces my unruly stack of index cards. All the information I put on this site serves as an inspiration for my creative writing. And sometimes, I’m just simply curious and dig a little deeper about a subject.

I hope The Viking Archive entertains you and provides some basic insights into the Viking Age. Please also note I‘m not a scholar myself and this blog is not peer-reviewed. I try to do as much (online) research as I can for all articles, but running to the library isn’t always an option. If you’re interested in further research on a topic, I recommend that you use the scholarly references on this site a starting point.

For a few household rules, I refer you to my introductory column.

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