Hi, I‘m Ingrid. Quite some time ago, I studied medieval literature at university. There more I studied, the more interested I became in the early medieval period and the Viking Age. The key was Jane Smiley’s The Sagas of Icelanders. I cannot tell you how many times that book switched from my bookshelves to my nightstand and back again over the years. It gave me the topic for my master’s thesis and continues to inspire me to write until this day.

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Now, I know that reading a book doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start a website… however, if you get lost in your unruly stack of index cards as often as I did… I tell you bits and pieces of information were literally everywhere on my computer. Instead of remaining frustrated, I now organise my research as an online knowledge base. Yes, indeed, it’s The Viking Archive!

With each article, I do my best to give you a balanced, basic insight into a Viking Age topic. I research all articles in as much depth as I can, even when running to the library isn’t always an option (but there’s always JSTOR). Yet, please realise that I am not a scholar and this blog is not peer-reviewed. In case you are interested to read more about a topic, I recommend you use the scholarly references in the articles – they are always the best place to start.

For a few household rules, I refer you to my introductory column.

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