IMG_0101The Icelandic Sagas caught my eye during my studies in medieval literature at university. My interest in the early medieval period and the Viking Age in particular, has lasted ever since.

The Viking Archive is my online knowledge base. I use it as inspiration for my stories and to dig a little deeper when I’m simply curious about a subject. And as things go, writing posts and entries has now turned into a great hobby on the side.

Hopefully, The Viking Archive keeps you infotained, too. For a few household rules, I refer you to my introductory column.

I also need to state a small disclaimer here: I am not a scholar myself and this blog is not peer-reviewed. For further and in-depth research on a subject, I recommend that you check the scholarly sources I refer to in the articles.

If you have any questions or feedback, do get in touch via the contact form below!


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