Author: Ing2011

04 February 2020

I have not written much about Harald Hardrada (yet). This week, I came across this post about his second wife, Thora. Intriguing, and right up my alley of least-known-facts-about-the-Viking-Age! Read the article on History… the interesting bits!

1 February 2020

There’s a new scholarly article in Antiquity about three Viking Age halls at Borre, Norway. (The same place where the Borreparken ship was found in 2019). The site is already well-known for its burial mounds. New georadar surveys have revealed large buildings: Their unusual lay out and size, and location within such a prominent burial site, suggest that they were halls – high-status buildings mentioned in the Nordic sagas. From the Abstract. The article is worth a read, and available in Open Access: “The discovery of three large buildings at a Late Iron and Viking Age royal burial site in Norway.” Antiquity, (2020) 1-19. doi:10.15184/aqy.2019.211.

27 January 2020

A new year, a new focus! The Viking Archive will shortly start showing a few changes. A new subtitle, a shorter main menu, a cleaner look for the web site. And most importantly: no more encyclopedia-style articles. I’m changing their formal approach to the more personal essay style. You’ll still have to make do with footnotes and references, though! Hope you will appreciate The Viking Archive 2.0!