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For those of you with an RSS feed to my blog, I hope you read this in time! There’s a live stream on YouTube tonight at 20 hrs (if you live in the UK) by the British Museum. To quote the BM people in the comments: “broadcast live in 2014 from our blockbuster temporary exhibition Vikings life and legend.” Here’s the YouTube link: Viewer discretion advised by the BM, by the way.

Fine overview of Viking Age Poland, in particular the ninth and tenth centuries. And the connections with the surrounding countries and kingdoms. The full reference is: Mateusz Bogucki, ‘Intercultural Relations of the Inhabitants of Polish Territory in the 9th and 10th centuries,’ in: The Past Societies: Polish Lands from the First Evidence of Human Presence to the Early Middle Ages, edited by Przemysław Urbańczyk (Warsaw: Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, Polish Academy of Sciences, 2016), pp. 223-276.

Never saw this image before from Lund cathedral with Finn the Giant hugging the pillar in the crypt. If you’re interested in more wonderful things like this, see #Museumsunlocked on Twitter.

Here is another science article that explores how ‘vanishing skies’ and ‘dark moons’ in medieval textual sources can be explained by volcanic eruptions and their impact on daily life across the medieval world. Read it on Science Alert.

A new book on the Vikings in Francia? This sounds like the kind of thing that will help me to properly finish the forthcoming post about the historical context of the Ludwigslied. Must sit down and listen to the podcast on the History of the Vikings first!