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22 February 2020

Academic article turned popular science article. If you found the recent article in Antiquity about the three Viking halls in Borre a bit much, here’s a really clear summary: ‘Radar Tech Uncovers Three Viking Halls at Royal Cemetery in Norway’ on

19 February 2020

It’s Wednesday again and it’s terribly quiet online about Viking Age discoveries. But here is a nice update, though. Remember the double ship burial in Trøndelag, Norway in November 2019? Here is a brief summary in ‘Sailing the Viking Seas‘ in Archaeology Magazine of March/April 2020.

08 February 2020

This story fits into the Viking Age. Just. And it’s not exactly about Vikings, but it’s such a good story about a medieval manuscript that I wanted to share. On The Conversation is a tale of how Hildegard of Bingen’s Riesencodex (c. 1200) was returned to its original home in Wiesbaden after the WW 2. A true story of courage, wit, and nerves of steel. This is magical stuff for a brilliant screenplay, if you ask me.

04 February 2020

I have not written much about Harald Hardrada (yet). This week, I came across this post about his second wife, Thora. Intriguing, and right up my alley of least-known-facts-about-the-Viking-Age! Read the article on History… the interesting bits!