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Very fine article touching on isolation in medieval societies, in particular in relation to the sagas of Grettir and Gisli. What did it mean to be banned from society? Where did one end up, what did one do, what was someone’s psychological state of mind during the situation? Naturally, not all questions can be answered in this article, but it sure is an interesting first step toward exploring the theme in medieval literature. See the website History of Emotions.

In Poznań, Poland, a huge defensive wall dating back to the second half of the tenth century has been found. As a result, archaeologists are rethinking the importance of the city of Poznań during the reign of Mieszko I. See the report of the discovery on First News.

A bit of history that took place long, long, long before the Viking Age. But it’s so fascinating that I want to mention it here. In Norway, Bronze Age carvings have been found of ships. Do have a look, the photos of the images are just amazing to see on Science Norway.

This is a note to myself for future reference about a possible Viking Age site that I had not heard of. The article is a review by prof. Julian Richards about a recent British Museum publication, and appeared on Current Archaeology.

A catchy title popped up last week in my RSS feed from Heritage Daily. Viking Age toilets. Who doesn’t want to know more about them?! I was puzzled when digging a little deeper googling for more information… because it seems to refer to a discovery made in 2017 on Stevns peninsula in Denmark. But! I didn’t report it either back then, so here is your full lowdown on that toilet on Heritage Daily (2020), ScienceNordic (2017) and a informative article on Ars Technica (2017).