Who's Who in the Viking Age
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Charles the Simple

LifeCharles III of France (879 – 929).
King of West Francia (898-929).
King of Lotharingia (911 until 919/23).
FamilyCarolingian Dynasty.
Father is Louis the Stammerer.
Mother is Adelaide of Paris.
Half-brothers are Louis III and Carloman II.
Married to: (1) Frederuna (c. 907-917) (2) Eadgifu of Wessex (919).
Children: Frederuna: Ermentrude, Frederuna, Adelaide, Gisela, Rotrude, Hildegarde. Eadgifu: Louis IV of France.
EventsTreaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte (911).
Revolt Frankish nobles (921).
Treaty of Bonn (921).
Deposed as King of the West Franks (922).
Battle of Soisson (923).
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