Badorf Ware

Also known as ‘Continental Wheel-Thrown Pottery’, mainly yellow and later red in colour and produced in the Cologne area, Germany in the eighth and ninth centuries.


Latin term for ‘fort’. Used for the smaller forts of the Roman Empire. The diminutive form of castrum. The frontiers of the Roman Empire had many


In archaeology the term is used for a stone or wooden chamber that served as a coffin or burial place (Britannica). These can date back to


Derived from the Latin term ‘clericus’ (clergyman). It is a collective noun for those people who are ordained to perform religious duties. Individuals are called clerics.


English term from the 21st century. See: OxfordDictionaries. To realise a project, one has to find a loan, or a few big investors. Nowadays, the alternative


A cross with the figure of Jesus Christ. See: Oxford Dictionaries. A widely used symbol either as a statue, or on a necklace, or a rosary.