Adam of Bremen

  Life Family Events Adam of Bremen ? Gesta Hammaburgensis Ecclesiae Pontificum (1072) before 1050 – 1081/1085 F: ? M: ? Director of the Cathedral School, See of Bremen-Hamburg (1069) Sources: Academia, Britannica, History of the Archbishops of Hamburg-Bremen.

Alfred the Great

Life Family Events Alfred the Great, Alfred I, Ælfred House of Wessex Battle of Edington (878) c. 849 – 26 October 899 Æthelwulf of Wessex Osburga Treaty of Alfred and Guthrum (after 878) King of West-Saxons (871 – 886) King of the Anglo-Saxons (871-899) Ealhswith (868) The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Æthelflæd, Eadmund, Eadweard, Elfreda, Æthelgiva, Ælfthryth, Æthelweard Sources: BBC History, Brittannica,, Wikipedia

Alfred Ætheling

Life Family Events Alfred House of Wessex Exile  (1013, 1016). c. 1005 – 1036 F: Æthelred the Unready M: Emma of Normandy Sails for England to seize the throne (1035). Not married. Betrayed, blinded and murdered (1036). None. Sources: Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, History… the interesting bits.

Charles the Simple

Life Family Events Charles III of France Carolingian Dynasty Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte (911) 879 – 929 F: Louis the Stammerer M: Adelaide of Paris Revolt Frankish nobles (921) King of West Francia (898-929) King of Lotharingia (911 until 919/23) 1. Frederuna (c. 907-917) 2. Eadgifu of Wessex (919) Treaty of Bonn (921) Frederuna: Ermentrude, Frederuna, Adelaide, Gisela, Rotrude, Hildegarde. Eadgifu: Louis IV of France Deposed as King of the West Franks (922) Battle of Soisson (923) Sources:, Britannica, Larousse, After Empire.

Cnut the Great

Life Family Events Cnut Sweynsson, Canute I of England, Canute II of Denmark, Knud. Jelling (or: Knýtlinga) dynasty Leaves England after his father’s death in 1014. ? – 1035 Sweyn Forkbeard Mother ? Invades England in 1015 and besieges London in 1016. King of England (1016-1035) King of Denmark (1019–1035) King of Norway (1028-1035) 1. Ælfgifu of Northampton (c. 1014?) 2. Emma of Normandy (1017) Co-Ruler of England with Edmund Ironside until the latter’s death in 1016. Ælfgifu: Sweyn Cnutsson, Harold Harefoot. Emma: Harthacnut, Gunhilda of Denmark. Pilgrimage to Rome in 1027. Succeeds his brother as king of Denmark in 1018. After a struggle with Olaf Haraldsson also king of Norway in 1028. Sources: Brittanica, FMG, The Empire of Cnut the Great.

Eadgifu of Wessex

Life Family Events Eadgifu of Wessex, Edwige, Ogive House of Wessex After her husband is deposed, flees with her son to England. (923) c. 902 – after 955 F: Edward the Elder M: Ælfflæd Returns to France for the coronation of her son. (936) Queen consort of West Francia (898-929) Queen consort of Lotharingia (911-929) Countess of Omois (951-after 955) 1. Charles III the Simple (919-929) 2. Herbert III ‘le Vieux’ (951) Abbess of Notre Dame de Laon (936-951) Charles: Louis IV Abducted by and married to Herbert, Count of Omois (951) Sources: British Museum, FMG, PASE.