Ælfgifu of Northampton

Life Family Events
Alfifa, Alfgiva, Ælfhelmsdotter Mercian noble family Her brothers blinded by Æthelred the Unready
and her father killed by Eadric Streona (1006).
c. 990 – ? (after 1036) Ælfhelm of York
Wulfrun of Northampton
Rules Norway with her son Sweyn Cnutsson
(1030-1035). Their taxes cause revolt among
Queen Consort of England
Co-Regent of Norway
Cnut the Great (before 1015) After Sweyns death, she returns to England
around 1036. Probably aids her son Harold
Harefoot to gain the English throne.
Sweyn Cnutsson, Harold Harefoot

Sources: FMG, Nottingham Medieval Studies, PASE.

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