Life Family Events
Cnut Sweynsson,
Canute I of England,
Canute II of Denmark,
Jelling (or: Knýtlinga)
Leaves England after
his father’s death in 1014.
? – 1035 Sweyn Forkbeard
Mother ?
Invades England in 1015
and besieges London in 1016.
King of England
King of Denmark
King of Norway
Co-Ruler of England with
Edmund Ironside until the
latter’s death in 1016.
Sweyn Cnutsson,
Harold Harefoot.
Gunhilda of Denmark.
Pilgrimage to Rome in 1027.
Succeeds his brother as king
of Denmark in 1018. After a
struggle with Olaf Haraldsson
also king of Norway in 1028.

Sources: Brittanica, FMG, The Empire of Cnut the Great.