Harald Fairhair

Life Family Events
writing feather ink Harald I, Harald Hárfagri Fairhair dynasty king Ruler of Vestfold,
c. 860 – 940 F: Halfdan the Black
M: Ragnhild Sigurdsdottir
battle Battle of Hafrsfjord, (868-900).
Norway united for the first time.
King of Norway
(c. 946 – 961)
1. Asa Haakonsdatter
2. Gyda
3. Svanhild
4. Snæfried
5. Alvhild
6. Ragnhild Eriksdatter ‘the Mighty’
(c. 894).
Mistress: Thora Mosterstang
Viking ship Sends his son Haakon to be fostered
by king Æthelstan along with a beautiful
Asa: Guttorm, the twins Halfdan
Black and Halfdan White, Sigröd.
Gyda: Alof, Rörik, Siggtrygg,
Frode, Thorgils.
Svanhild: Olaf, Bjorn, Ragnar.
Snæfried: Sigurd, Halfdan
Haaleg, Gudröd Ljome, Ragnvald
Alvhild: Dag, Ring,
Gudröd Skirja, Ingegerd.
Ragnhild: Erik Bloodaxe.
Thora: Haakon the Good.
battle Divides his kingdom among
his sons which leads to a
bloody strife.
Abdicates in 930 for his
son Erik Bloodaxe.

Sources: Avaldsnes, Britannica, FMG

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