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Gold from Gørding

Amateur archaeologists found a gold pendant in the shape of a snake near Gørding, Denmark. This was just last month, February 2019. The exquisite piece with filigree and probably dates back to the tenth century. The Danish version of the original article with photo can be found on the blog of the Museum of Southwest Jutland. The English summary can be found on the Irish Archaeology blog.

In August 2018, metal detector enthusiasts also found gold item in the same area. This Arabic gold coin is a morabetino from Toledo (c. 1180) minted during the reign of Alfonso VIII of Castile, Spain. Two things stand out about this coin. First, it has Arabic writing and a Christian cross. Second, until now, no other coins of this type have been found, making it a numismatic treasure. For the photo and original information, see Museum of Southwest Jutland. If you read Danish, here is another more in-depth article from the Danish Numismatic Society.

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