Is Haggis a Viking Dish?1 min read


Haggis is the quintessential Scottish dish. Or is it?

Haggis on display! (

In 2009, a brave(?) English historian declared haggis to be of English origins! This made the BBC News headlines (3 August 2009) and that was the end of it. The claim was never heard of again.

Until last December. A new claim hit the newspapers. A Scottish butcher stated the recipe was introduced in Scotland by the Vikings. Originally, it was made with venison and not sheep. His source to this idea? “A friend [who researched] the subject in depth.” (Daily Record, 28 November 2015).

His friend must have read Clarissa Dickson’s The Haggis: A Little History. Or, he must have spoked to Jesper Lynge, a Danish chef who cooks ‘real Viking food’. In his experiments, Lynge discoverd that the spices used in Viking dishes, are also found in British cooking. And particularly… haggis (Mail Online, 16 December 2014).

If you can’t be bothered to read Dickson’s book, read this summary in the New World Encyclopaedia.

Anyway. Is haggis Scottish or Viking? Your guess is as good as mine!

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