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An Introduction to The Viking Age Archive

Updated 30 August 2020.

Here goes… my first column on The Viking Age Archive! Before publishing more columns, I want to raise a few housekeeping points, so we all know where we stand.

The term ‘Viking’

I know that some might find the terms ‘Viking’ and ‘Viking Age’ questionable and I see the academic arguments in this matter. However, I have decided to stick with them for lack of appropriate alternatives. Why? Because ‘Norsemen’ has the tendency to refer to Norwegians whereas Vikings could also be Danish or Swedish. And the term ‘Scandinavians’ is too general for the period. Hopefully, this site will reach a broad audience most of whom know the term ‘Viking’ well enough.


All topics on this site fall within the time frame of the Viking Age. A history book will tell you it lasted from the first raid in 793 until the last conquest in 1066. But was it really that precise? That is what I intend to discover. I will stick to the 8th through 12th century, covering the situation in and outside Scandinavia. Let’s keep it broad enough, eh?

Images & Links

All images are my own, stock photos that are considered in the public domain, or I have sought permission from the copyright owner. In case you feel that (some) rights have not been considered, please let me know and I will remove the image or adjust the caption.

Articles on The Viking Age Archive often include links to relevant sites for information or entertainment. Please note this does not mean The Viking Age Archive guarantees, approves, or endorses the content available on these sites.


The Viking Age Archive is my box of index cards. It is where I store my research and my ‘go to’ place when in need of ideas or information to write fiction. I base my articles mainly on scholarly and popular science publications that I find on my bookshelves, or online through reliable, free sources. (Google Books and a free JSTOR account can go a long way!) It means that at times, I unfortunately cannot get a hold of an important text for a topic. I will mention this in a footnote and update the relevant article at a later date, if possible. Whilst I try to write accessible articles that make sense, I am not a scholar and my articles are not peer reviewed, all errors are my own.


The Viking Age was a complex time. The information on this website aims to entertain, but foremost strives to give you as balanced a view as possible, based on research of scholarly and public debates. The starting point for the articles on The Viking Age Archive is that Viking Age societies and cultures were rich and diverse, in religion, race, gender, and many other ways. Join me in exploring this world with a spirit of genuine curiosity and open mindedness. This is a place for informed, respectful opinions and attitudes.


Please note I do not charge or receive any compensation for the reviews on this site. All opinions and views are my own. All books are on my shelves unless stated otherwise. The websites, blogs, and podcasts I usually discover by spending (too) many hours surfing the Web and checking my RSS feeds.

Guest Blogging

Being an avid writer and reader, I welcome anyone considering to write a guest blog for this web site, or any invitations for me to write a guest blog! Just send me a message via the contact form!

There now. With all this settled, let’s get started, or check the About page if you must!

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The rich history of the Viking Age is a source of inspiration for my web site The Viking Age Archive, and for writing stories in general.

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