Last updated: 02 November 2017.

A Viking hoard has been found in Galloway, Scotland in 2014. Among the layers are many arm rings usually found in Ireland, a wooden box containing golden items such as a ring and a pin in the shape of a bird. There is also a metal, Carolingian vessel with Anglo-Saxon brooches. In the middle of it all, is a leather pouch with probably linen and silk textiles, covering a rock crystal jar.

Read the original article on the Historic Scotland website. For more beautiful images of the treasure, see the National Geographic website.

In 2017, after significant fundraising efforts, the National Museums Scotland acquires the Galloway hoard. Further research and conservation efforts are estimated to take another two years before the hoard will be on display for the public again.

Videos showing the beautiful items from the hoard can be found on the National Museums Scotland YouTube channel.

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