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A new Viking site in North America?

Last Updated: 25 April 2019.

Last Monday, the BBC broadcasted The Vikings Uncovered. In this documentary, Dan Snow visits the site of Point Rosee, Newfoundland. He hopes to find evidence that the Vikings sailed further down the North American coast than we know so far. He teams up with Sarah Parcak, archaeologist and Egyptologist. Her speciality is analysing satellite images – the ultimate aerial archaeology, so to speak.

This is a joyride of 1,5 hours and a lesson in space archaeology. Satellite images and a trained eye can discover ancient sites just below the surface. To the Viking-buff, the story is told with minimal context (not a problem) and evidence (problem!). A little more scientific depth would not have confused the masses!

Parcak twitters that the findings and academic analyses will be published. Meanwhile, you can see the show via BBC iPlayer or read about it on the BBC website. Or, in the US you can view the show The Vikings Unearthed on Nova PBS.

Anyway, enough is uncovered at Point Rosee to be intrigued about. This is very much to be continued. For further reading, see Lost Viking Settlements, Part 1 & 2.

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