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New Year’s Eve

Here are a few ideas!

The first recommendation for New Year’s Eve is Hogmanay in Scotland. True, there is only a possible link to the Vikings’ Yule celebrations to Hogmanay and too many explanations about the origin of the feast and the etymology of the name. But don’t let that spoil the fun! Go and join the Scots on their best annual party!

More fire is to be found at the Flamborough Fire Festival and its fireball parade. The highlight is the burning of a Viking ship!

If you’re feeling adventurous, celebrate New Year’s Eve twice! Grab your boots or 4×4 vehicle, and go Tornio, Finland. Have a good time and then quickly cross the country and time border to Haparanda, Sweden to celebrate it all over again one hour later!

Another feast that marks the end of the Yule tide (a bit later in January, though), is Up Helly Aa, your Shetland Viking festival. It was first celebrated in the late nineteenth-century and also includes the burning of a Viking ship.

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