Who's Who in the Viking Age
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Sweyn Forkbeard

LifeSweyn I, Svein, Svend Tveskaeg (960s – 1014).
King of Denmark (986–1014).
King of Norway (986-995, 1000-1014).
King of England (1013-1014).
FamilyHouse of Gorm.
Father is Harald Bluetooth.
Mother is Gunhild or Tove.
Married to (1) Gunhild (?) (2) Sigrid the Haughty (?).
Children: Harald II, Cnut the Great, Estrid, Gytha, Gunnhild, Santslaue, Thyra.
EventsDefeats his father in battle and is crowned king of Denmark (980s).
Battle of Svold where he defeats Olaf Tryggvason (1000).
First invasion of England (1003-1004).
Second invasion of England (1006-1007).
Sends Thorkell the Tall to invade England (1009).
Third invasion of England (1013).
Sources: BBC, Britannica, PASE, Danmarks Historien.

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