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Are you a big fan of Bernard Cornwell and his Saxon Stories now famous for The Last Kingdom tv-series? Here is an interview with the master of battle descriptions, and a link to an older podcast (2018) with him on History Extra.

You’ve gotta love a comic book. I certainly do. Not all of them, mind you. And it took me a while to discover and ‘get in to’ mangas. But I’m sold now. The Vinland Saga is high on my book wishlist. If you need any help deciding, here’s a fine read to help you on your way on

A new publication on the early Middle Ages available in Open Access: Digging into the Dark Ages with a fine line up of scholars, including those who appear interviews. But the best surprise is probably the article by Wulfgar the Bard, yes, the same of the brilliant satirical ‘tapestry’ images on Twitter!