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It’s Wednesday again and it’s terribly quiet online about Viking Age discoveries. But here is a nice update, though. Remember the double ship burial in Trøndelag, Norway in November 2019? Here is a brief summary in ‘Sailing the Viking Seas‘ in Archaeology Magazine of March/April 2020.

There’s a new scholarly article in Antiquity about three Viking Age halls at Borre, Norway. (The same place where the Borreparken ship was found in 2019). The site is already well-known for its burial mounds. New georadar surveys have revealed large buildings: Their unusual lay out and size, and location within such a prominent burial site, suggest that they were halls – high-status buildings mentioned in the Nordic sagas. From the Abstract. The article is worth a read, and available in Open Access: “The discovery of three large buildings at a Late Iron and Viking Age royal burial site in Norway.” Antiquity, (2020) 1-19. doi:10.15184/aqy.2019.211.

An early Viking Age (8-9th c.) brooch found in Estonia is all over social media. What makes it special, is that it’s a rare, box-shaped brooch. For the original news sources, see the Estonian Public Broadcasting (in English).