This Week in the Viking Age

This calendar will expand as the year progresses.


22 January 871Battle of Basing.
23 January 1045Marriage Edward the Confessor and Edith of Wessex.
January 770Saxons destroy the church of Saint Lebuinus in
Deventer, Frisia.


3 February 865Death of Ansgar, Archbishop of Hamburg-Bremen.
3 February 1014Death of Sweyn I ‘Forkbeard’, King of Denmark
and England.
11 February 881Coronation of Charles III ‘The Fat’, King of the
West Franks, as Holy Roman Emperor.
14 February 842The Oaths of Strasbourg. A peace treaty between
Charles II ‘the Bald’ and Louis II ‘the German’.
14 February 1077Excommunication of Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor,
by the Pope.
February 880Battle of Thiméon
February 888Coronation of Odo I, King of the West Franks.


2 March 986Death of Lothair of France, King of the West Franks.
2 March 1127Murder of Charles I ‘the Good’, Count of Flanders.
6 March 1052Death of Emma of Normandy. Queen of England,
Denmark and Norway. Wife of Aethelred II ‘The
Unready’ and Cnut I ‘The Great’.
17 March 1040 Death of Harald Harefoot, King of England.
18 March 978Assassination of Edward the Martyr, King of England.
21 March 867Death of Ælla of Northumbria and Osberht of
22 March 871Battle of Marton. Saxons v Vikings. The Vikings win.
29 March 845Siege of Paris. The Vikings leave with ransom money
from the Parisians.


3 April 1043Coronation of Edward ‘the Confessor’ as King of England
with support of the Vikings.
5 April 1081Coronation of Alexios Komnenor as Byzantine Emperor.
10 April 837Halley’s Comet races past earth at the closest range ever.
11 April 882Battle of Remich. Vikings fight the Franks.
15 April 1053Death of Godwin, Earl of Wessex.
16 April 778Birth of Louis I ’the Pious’ of France. Son of Charlemagne
and Hildegard.
16 April 1117Murder of Magnus Erlendsson (aka Saint Magnus), son of
the Jarl of Orkney.
17 April 1080Death of Harald ‘Whetstone’, son of Sweyn II of Denmark.
18 April 796Death of Æthelred I, King of Northumbria.
19 April 1012Murder of St Ælfheah (or Alphege), Archbishop of
Canterbury, by the Danish Viking army.
23 April 871Death of Æthelred I, King of Wessex.
23 April 1014Battle of Clontarf. Brian Boru against Irish and
Norsemen. Boru wins and dies.
23 April 1014Death of Sigurd the Stout, Earl of the Orkneys, at the
battle of Clontarf.
23 April 1016Death of King Æthelred II ‘the Unready’, King of England.
23 April 1016Coronation of Edmund ‘Ironside’ as King of England. Son
of Æthelred the Unready.
23 April 1066Halley’s Comet visible. Embroidered on the Bayeux
28 April 1076Death of Magnus II, King of Norway.
April 978Coronation of Æthelred the Unready, son of Edgar ‘the
Peacable’, crowned King of England.
April 1080Coronation of Cnut II ‘the Holy’ as King of Denmark.


4 May 1008Birth of Henry I, later King of England.
5 May 1010Battle of Ringmere. An East Anglian fyrd fights Sweyn
Forkbeard. The Danes win.
6 May 973Birth of Henry II, known as Saint Henry the Exuberant,
later Holy Roman Emperor.
7 May 973Death of Otto I, King of the East Franks and Holy Roman
9 May 1016Battle of Brentford. Cnut the Great fights Edmund
Ironside. The Anglo-Saxons wins.
11 May 973Coronation of Edgar ‘the Peacable’, King of England.
11 May 1068Coronation of Matilda of Flanders, wife of William
the Conqueror, as Queen of England.
19 May 1016Cnut the Great, son of Sweyn Forkbeard, successfully
invades England.
19 May 1024Death of Alcuin of York who was famous for his letters
about the attack on Lindisfarne.
21 May 996Coronation of Otto III as Holy Roman Emperor.
23 May 1052Birth of Philip I, King of France.
26 May 946Death of Edmund I, King of England.
28 May 1023Death of Wulfstan II ‘Lupus’, Archbishop of York.
May 941Rus’-Byzantine War. Igor I of Kiev fights the Byzantines.
The Byzantines win.


2 June 958Death of Oda ‘the Good’, Archbishop of Canterbury.
4 June 1134Death of Magnus I, King of Sweden.
7 June 929Death of Ælfthryth, Countess of Flanders and daughter
of Alfred the Great.
8 June 900Coronation of Edward ‘the Elder’, son of Alfred the Great.
8 June 1042Death of Harthacnut, the last Scandinavian ruler of
12 June 918Death of Æthelflæd, Lady of Mercia, daughter of Alfred
the Great.
13 June 823Birth of Charles II ‘the Bald’, King of the West Franks and
Italy, Holy Roman Emperor.
13 June 839Birth of Charles III ‘the Fat’, King of hte West Franks and
Aquitane, King of Italy and Holy Roman Emperor.
15 June 923Death of Robert I, King of the Franks.
15 June 960Death of St Eadburh of Winchester.
15 June 1184Death of Magnus V Erlingsson, King of Norway.
24 June 843Viking raid on Nantes.
25 June 841Battle of Fontenoy. End of the Carolingian civil war
between Lothar I and his brothers Charles ‘the Bald’
and Louis ‘the German’. The latter win.
29 June 1036Marriage of Henry III of Germany and Gunhild, the
daughter of Cnut the Great and Emma of Normandy.
29 June 1080Treaty of Ceprano. Peace between the Pope and the
Normans after the Norman conquest of southern Italy.
30 June 888Death of Æthelred, Archbishop of Canterbury.
June 885Murder of Gudfred, Duke of Frisia.
June 1040Emma of Normandy and her son Harthacnut, King of
Denmark, return to England after Harald Harefoot’s death.
June 1040Coronation of Harthacnut III, son of Cnut the Great, as
King of England.


June-July 1098Battle of Anglesey Sound. Magnus ‘Barefoot’ fights the
Anglo-Saxon (Normans). Magnus wins.
2 July 866Battle of Brissarthe. The Franks fight a Breton-Viking
army. The Breton-Vikings win.
2 July 936Death of Henry ‘the Fowler’, King of East Francia.
2 July 936Coronation of Otto I as King of East Francia.
3 July 987Coronation of Hugh Capet as King of the Franks.
3 July 1035William the Conqueror succeeds his father as Duke of
15 July 1015Death of Vladimir the Great, Grand Prince of Kiev.
17 July 819Feast of Saint Kenelm of Mercia.
17 July 924Death of Edward the Elder, King of England.
17 July 1210Battle of Gestilren. Sverker fights Eric X of Sweden,
and dies.
18 July 1038Death of Gunhild, daughter of Cnut the Great and
Emma of Normandy, wife of Henry III of Germany.
20 July 911Siege of Chartres. Rollo Lodbrok and his Viking
army fight the Franks.

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