The Ardnamurchan Peninsula on the west coast of Scotland is an archeological treasure trove. It now also boasts a Viking boat burial.

The area is excavated since 2006 by the Ardnamurchan Transitions Project (ATP). This is a collaboration of the universities of Manchester, Leicester, a commercial archeology bureau called CFA-Archaeology and Archaeology Scotland. It also reaches out to the community and includes local volunteers on its excavations. The area brings up evidence from prehistory until the nineteenth century and in 2011 they suddenly find a Viking boat.

Reconstruction Ardnamurchan Viking Boat Burial ( Credit: Geoff Robinson).

This is very unique, because it is the only complete and intact Viking ship burial found on the U.K. mainland so far. Then why post this old boat in the news category, you ask? Well, because just now, in the latest issue of the journal Antiquity (Vol. 91, issue 335,  Feb. 2017) a full scientific article is published with an extensive analysis of all the findings. The article is freely accessible here.

Enjoy further reading on the web site of ATP Archeology and their Twitter feed.

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