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Yuletide Stories

As I work plod away at a new story, it’s vital to read as much as I write. That makes it very convenient the festive season has started (for me, at least). At times, one also has to keep sane and simply stop. How then, to pass the time? Plenty of chores are waiting. Or, you end up surfing the web for some background information on whatever the reading or writing demands.

Happily, that’s when the unexpected stories pop up. Whenever you’re not looking for them. Sometimes, they’re in a great Twitter thread. Other times in a fine blog post. For your enjoyment, I have gathered a few fun reads on Yuletide here:

Find out if Scandinavians wore masks whilst feasting at Yuletide during the Viking Age, on the Viking Answer Lady.

(Source: Pixabay / Photovision).

A Twitter thread on Yuletide celebrations written a year ago, but still very relevant by @sagaknitter.

The thirteen Yule Lads. There is no clear connection of their story to the Viking Age, as far as I know. The oldest link in this story is their mother Grýla. She is a famous Icelandic ogress or troll, mentioned in the Prose Edda. That means her character is known as early as the thirteenth century (and perhaps even older?). However, she does not appear in connection to Christmas until after the Middle Ages. Read about her and her boys in The Reykjavík Grapevine. And a recent post on gives you all the great cartoons!

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